Monthly Archives: April 2016

BOB Yak Trailer

So, I was killing time at work last week and saw a BOB Yak on CL in excellent shape! I've always wanted one, but for nothing more than running errands around town and hauling my video gear up in the mountains, stuff like that - and at $360+ I just could not justify it - not 1/3 or even a 1/3 that! So I got to going back and forth with this guy and...well...lets just say that I got an incredibly smoking deal that I just could not pass up!

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MTB Commercial

As some of you know I like to dabble int he video world - here is a TV Commercial I shot for Spaghetti O's a while back that I totally forgot about. I used Mountain Bikers for the actors!

Body Weight

Mountain biking is a game of numbers; how far, how fast, how light, etc. In this world of numbers few remember the most important - your body weight. Now we all come in a verity of different weights, sizes and shapes; my self am a Clyde Cyclists for sure - but the one thing we…
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It’s Who I am

This past weekend I was riding in a group and it was a fairly tough ride and 3 of the 6 people wound up heading back to the trailhead before the rest. First 2 left and then the 3rd. This got me to thinking - what if one of these guys got hurt - who…
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