About the Links

About the Links - My Promise

Marketing is in my blood - most of my friends know that. But the reason it works for me is because it works for the companies I recommend - it's that simple. There are many sites out there that will have more stupid ads than content - DELETE! Then there are sites that will build and load content with tons of links to different products - sometimes automatically, mostly irrelevant to the content - DELETE!

man-937665You will NOT find that on this site - we'll leave it for this guy! I have a great day job, this is not my only income and at 4-6% it will take a bazillion visitors to make a significant financial impact . It's just not going to happen.

So why do it at all?

Simply put, the small amount of cash procured through affiliate links gives me a kitty to draw from when looking for the next article to write, workshop to give or the occasional time someone comes into my shop needing something they can't afford - ask anyone that knows me - I am all about giving back to the cycling community - it's just who I am!

Most of the links will be to Amazon. But when possible I will link directly to the individual company site - this is my preferred method as you will likely get more information and the ability to ask additional questions. These links typically do not generate any revenue, but it's more important to me that you get the right information.

My promise to you.

All the links to products and services will only be form products and services that I have used or on occasion have asked a friend to try and give me feedback. Be it a good experience or bad - I'll still post the link because what I write about my experience and my opinion, may be completely different than what you may experience. I will give a fair, honest and descriptive opinion no holding back - possibly not very politically correct either - just raw and unfiltered. When looking at a product or service, either to review or use - I look for good build quality and durability (needs to hold up to my weight/use), ease of use and most importantly company/person support. There are many good products out there - but if the service, employee or owner is "not nice" I will not use them and thus will not recommend them!

Chris Sgaraglino