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Central Florida Cycling

Central Florida Cycling - The first 30 days! Some of you may know that I have recently moved from Colorado to Florida, the Tampa area to be more specific. It’s now been 30 days since my first ride and here are some of my thoughts and opinions about a cycling westerner transplant. [caption id="attachment_3973" align="alignright"…
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Adjusting the Rear Derailleur

How-to: Rear Derailleur

There are many times when your drivetrain will start making weird noises or just not shift as smooth as you would like, but adjusting the rear derailleur has always been a bit intimidating. There are many factors involved that will cause this to happen. With how tight the tolerances are in 9, 10 and even 11 speed drivetrains, it doesn't take much to cause shifting issues. Extreme changes in temperature, cable stretch, dirt, water, etc. all play a role. So knowing how to quickly adjust for that, especially on the trail, can mean the difference between an awesome ride or a very frustrating one.

Washing Your Bike

Very often bikes come to me to be tuned and they are totally dirty. Washing your bike is essential - to keep things working as expected.When washing your bike, this is the time to pay attention to all your components and make sure they are tight, no cracks or anything is broken or warn and needing replaced. Speaking of tight, you need to know how your bike is put together, take your time and get intimate with all your components - so that when something does start to get lose - and they will - you'll be able top catch it before any damage can occur.

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